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Super Mario Maker

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If you make a course in Super Mario Maker post its ID here so that we can all play it!


Here are some courses I made:

  • Leafy Greens, which is based on a WarioWare microgame with the same name. Level ID: 9E08-0000-0018-BA9E
  • Escape Bowser's Prison: I mostly made this because I noticed that you could wall jump through brick blocks when I was spamming them to unlock new course elements. Level ID: BE24-0000-0018-14ED

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Things Flying


Stereotypical shit flying at you. Reach for the goal. May encounter a bunch of deaths


ZSS Escape from Zebes


Zero Suit Samus rush map.  Shouldn't be too difficult




Troll map. Standard Mario Levels.


Air Time


Standard Airship like level.


Good ol First Levels


A Standard first level for most Mario games


First Level


First level I ever uploaded


Lucina to the Time Portal


Based on the FE13 scene where Lucina runs to the time portal.
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