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TF2 Blog and Update - The Tough Break Update - Dec. 17, 2015

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It’s almost Smissmas break, everybody! Gifts under the tree. Stockings hung with care. Bodies buried under a tree in the forest after also being hung with care. Or shot. Or stabbed. Or beat to death with a shovel. Really, it’s up to you. The important thing is Miss Pauling’s got some kill-contracts with your name on them. And murder doesn’t go on vacation.


Introducing the Tough Break Update, featuring 26 new contracts, including weapon-specific contracts and a new weapon-loaning program! This update will also ship with four new weapons collections, obtainable through two new weapons case drops and contract completion rewards, and one new cosmetics case! There are also four new community maps, three new taunts, gameplay balances, and more! Click here to check out the details.




The Tough Break Update has arrived!

- Additional information available on the website (http://www.teamfortress.com/toughbreak)

- 4 new community maps: Snowycoast, Vanguard, Highpass, and Landfall

- 26 new contracts, including contracts which issue loaner weapons

- 4 new weapon collections

- 2 new community taunts: Badpipes and The Bucking Bronco

- 1 new official taunt: Mannrobics

- New community cosmetics case with 15 items



- Significant weapon and class balance improvements (see section below for full details)

- Smissmas 2015 has begun! Launch Team Fortress 2 to receive your Spirit of Giving badge, Gift-Stuffed Stocking, and Winter Holiday noise maker

- Added Smissmas 2015 Mystery Gift. Can be found by opening a Tough Break Weapons Case. Have you been Naughty or Nice?

- Added Strange Count Transfer Tool

- Takes the Strange scores from one item and adds them on to another. The count for the source item is reset to zero. Strange part scores are only transferred and zeroed if a matching Strange part is found. Can only be used between Strange items of the same base type.

- Can be Crafted by 2 Strange parts in the crafting menu under Rare Items

- Updated Case opening item drop algorithm. Going forward players are now less likely to get duplicate items from the same rarity tier on repeated Case openings.

- Updated several weapons sounds with consistency fixes from community member Mateusz Grzesik

- Updated the scoreboard

- Re-ordered some of the columns

-Added an image to represent player ping values instead of the actual ping values. Added an option in Adv. Options to use the actual ping values.

- Updated several weapon descriptions to better detail their functionality

- 'Gifted by' Tag can now be removed from items via 'Restore?' Context action from the Backpack view

- Fixed a bug in Mann vs. Machine where Medic bots with unusually long uber effects could have the effect time-out prematurely

- Fixed a bug where Unusual Slider was not properly saving

- All Strange parts can now be applied to Strange cosmetics items

- Strange parts added to the Backpack Context Menu for Strange items

- Paints now display both Market and Mann Co. Store prices in the Backpack Context Menu on paintable items

- Added case and crate opening animation in Backpack view

- Fixed seeing the fire texture on the Captain Space Mann, A Head Full of Hot Air, and The Tomb Readers in DirectX 8

- Updated the models/material for Der Wintermantel and made it paintable

- Updated the Caped Crusader to include a team-colored style for the cape

- Players can no longer use blast damage to move during the pre-round freeze period

- Added server convar tf_preround_push_from_damage_enable for servers to utilize the old behavior

- Fixed the Spy-cicle not melting properly if the Spy is burned while stunned

- Added an option in Adv. Options to batch overhead combat text


Performance Improvements

- Mac and Linux improvements (Windows Direct3D 9 players have these already)

- Texture streaming now enabled

- Reduced memory consumption by ~500 megs

- Faster map loads!

- Players on Mac can now select 'High' texture settings

- Eliminated many cases of hitching when using painted weapons

- Eliminated occasional hitching caused by using mat_picmip 2 (or selecting low quality textures in Video Options -> Advanced)

- Massively reduced memory consumption when using painted weapons

- Improved particle system performance, boosting overall framerate, especially in particle-heavy situations.

- Fixed two most common forms of framerate stuttering / hitching when using popular FPS configs

- Added -default launch option to help players triage performance / stability problems.

- When run with -default, the game will ignore most convar settings and run purely with default options

- Upon exit, -default runs do not overwrite the player's config.cfg file. If a player wants to save the settings of a default run, they should execute host_writeconfig in the console.

- Fixed 5 second stall when opening options menu

- VR players: You must now pass -vr to launch options to play TF using VR

- Fixed multiple cases of FPS stutter related to the sound system


Mannpower Changes

- Flags will become poisonous (mark the carrier for death) 90 seconds after having been stolen

- If both teams flags are stolen and poisonous, they will return when next dropped

- Fixed players being able to grapple during the pre-round freeze period

- Reduced the number of flag captures required to win from 10 to 7 on official servers

- Regeneration powerup:

- Health regeneration amount changes - Scout, Sniper and Spy increased, Engineer decreased

- Reflect powerup:

- Added pushback force to players who damage the powerup carrier (except for flame damage)

- Added overheal effect to players whose max health is increased by a powerup


Gameplay Changes


  • Base weapon switch speed changed from 0.67 seconds to 0.5 seconds
  • Upon spawning, friendly players will show an outline for 10 seconds
  • Updated various weapon descriptions to better detail their functionality
  • Panic Attack
    • No longer auto-fires when fully loaded. Shots can be held and released at will.
  • Reserve Shooter
    • No longer boosts all-around switch speed, instead boosts switch-to speed by 20% and switch-from speed by 15%
    • No longer mini-crits any airborne target (i.e. jumping). Target must be forced in to the air via blastjump, knockback, airblast, or grapple.
  • The Half-Zatoichi
    • Now considered a sword (increased holster and deploy time and increased range)
    • Honorbound changed. Deals 50 self damage on holster if no kill was made. Cannot be holstered if player is below 50 life and no kill was made.
    • 100% life restore on kill changed to 50% health gain on kill that can result in overheal
    • No random crits
  • Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol
    • Increased health recovered on hit from +3 to +5
  • Mad Milk
    • Extinguishing an ally will now reduce the cooldown by 20%
  • Wrap Assassin
    • Now 42% more festive! Ornament shatters on all impacts, dealing a small amount of damage in a small radius. Bleed effect still only applies to a target that is struck directly.
    • Ball recharge rate increased by 25%
    • Damage penalty reduced from -70% to -65%
  • Beggar's Bazooka
    • Decreased blast radius by 20%
  • Concheror
    • Doubled health regeneration rate. Regeneration rate is now decreased if player has been recently damaged.
  • B.A.S.E Jumper
    • Removed hidden property of up draft when on fire
  • Market Gardener
    • Added 20% Attack Speed penalty
  • Air-Strike
    • Reduced blast radius by 20% when rocket jumping (28% reduction when compared to stock)
  • The Cleaner's Carbine
    • Reduced firing rate penalty from 35% to 20%
    • Added 'CRIKEY' meter which is filled by dealing damage
    • Mini-crits are no longer activated by kill, but can instead be activated by alt-fire when the 'CRIKEY' meter is filled
  • Cozy Camper
    • Quadrupled health regeneration rate. Regeneration rate is now decreased if player has been recently damaged.
  • Jarate
    • Extinguishing an ally now reduces the cool down by 20%
  • Pyros like to collect rainbows! Extinguishing a teammate will now return 20 health to the Pyro.
  • Consecutive Airblasts will no longer prevent enemies from air-strafing until they touch the ground
  • The base Flamethrower's damage fall off over distance has been decreased, resulting in higher damage output at range
  • Degreaser
    • No longer boosts all-around switch speed. Instead, boosts switch-to speed by 60% and switch-from speed by 30%.
    • Removed damage penalty
    • Increased Airblast cost by 25%
    • Increased afterburn penalty to from 25% to 66%
  • Phlogistinator
    • Removed 10% damage penalty.
    • When activating 'MMMPH', the taunting Pyro gains temporary invulnerability and immunity to knockback effects
  • Axtinguisher
    • Properties changed
    • 100% Chance to crit against burning targets
    • 33% Damage penalty
    • 20% Slower attack speed
    • 75% Slower switch-to speed
  • Medics now have slightly higher health regeneration when healing a hurt patient
  • During setup time, ÜberCharge build rate is now increased by 3x
  • Amputator
    • Taunt can now be activated by alt-fire
    • Healing done with the taunt now grants small amounts of ÜberCharge
  • Vaccinator
    • Removed 10% health regeneration on proper resist
    • Added slight ÜberCharge build on proper resist
    • Increased ÜberCharge rate from +50% to +67%
    • Reduced overhealed ÜberCharge build rate penalty to 33% from 66%. As this penalty is applied after the base increase, healing an overhealed patient is now 33% more effective.
  • Crusader's Crossbow
    • Healing a player with an arrow now grants a small amount of ÜberCharge
  • Quick-Fix
    • Fixed cases where Quick-Fix ÜberCharged players could still be affected by certain knock-back effects
    • Players can no longer capture objectives while under the effects of Quick-Fix ÜberCharge
  • The HUD 'Cloak' meter now displays 'MOTION' and 'FEIGN' when Cloak and Dagger and Dead Ringer are equipped respectively
  • Dead Ringer
    • Initial damage reduction when feigning death increased to 75% from 50%
  • Spy-cicle
    • Fixed a bug where ammo packs from dead players were not filling the Spy-cicle meter
    • Fire immunity shield no longer appears when fire immunity is triggered
  • Fists of Steel
    • Removed deploy time penalty
    • Added penalty of increased holster time by 100%
  • Gloves of Running Urgently
    • Increased holster time penalty
  • Warrior's Spirit
    • Now heals 50 health on kill
    • Damage received and dealt increased by 30%
    • Removed health penalty
  • Eviction Notice
    • Now provides 15% move speed bonus
    • Now increases damage taken by 20%
Demoman / Demoknight
  • Shield bash now deals damage at all ranges, scaled by distance
    • Melee damage boost after shield bash is based on amount of charge consumed. Now provides mini-crit at 25% depleted, and full crit at 60% depleted.
    • Charging now removes debuffs from the Demoknight (Bleed, Fire, Mad Milk, Jarate)
  • All Swords now have a slower deploy and holster speed compared to base weapons in addition to their increased melee range
  • Splendid Screen
    • Removed the ability to deal charge impact damage at any range (now native to all shields)
    • Now increases recharge rate by 50%
    • Increased blast resistance from 15% to 20%
  • Tide Turner
    • Now grants mini-crit instead of full-crit on charge bash
    • Reduced resistances to 15%
  • Chargin Targe
    • Reduced blast resistance from 40% to 30%
    • Removed fire immunity
  • Claidheamh Mòr
    • Removed charge duration bonus
    • Now restores 25 health on kill
    • Removed health penalty
    • Now increases damage taken while active by 15%
  • Persian Persuader
    • Removed ammo pickups granting health instead of ammo
    • Added penalties of reduced primary and secondary ammo
    • Ammo pickups now replenish charge
    • Now gains charge meter on hit
  • Quickiebomb Launcher
    • Fizzle time increased from 2 seconds to 4 seconds
  • Ullapool Caber
    • Base melee damage increased from 35 to 55
    • Added 20% fire rate penalty
    • Added 100% switch-to time penalty
  • Loose Cannon
    • Reduced projectile speed (now a visible attribute)
    • Reduced cannon impact damage from 60 to 50. Damage also scales with distance.
    • Reduced knockback from cannon hit. Knockback strength is now similar to airblast.
  • After removing a Sapper from a sentry, there is now a 0.5s delay before the sentry is active again
  • Sentries brought into a respawn room no longer detonate outside of Mann vs. Machine
  • The Jag
    • Added damage penalty against buildings. Now takes 3 hits to destroy a Sapper.
  • Rescue Ranger
    • Healing per bolt reduced from 75 to 60

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Real annoyed about that jag change. Might have to change my primary wrench as a result.


Medic getting uber from more sources is awesome though. Not happy about quickfix ubers going by the same rules as normal ubers but... siiigh I understand it.


And I have a feeling pyros being tankier in response to enemy pyros is going to be a big thing for me.

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Won't the building nerf just put it back at the same pace as other wrenches when the increased speed is factored in?



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Now that shield charge mini/full crits are determined by your charge meter, it should be possible to get short range tide turner crits from taking damage, right? That seems like it would result in potential silliness

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And the customary post-patch patch is in.



Team Fortress 2
  • Fixed a client crash related to the HUD
  • Fixed a client crash related to picking up weapons
  • Fixed some Mac client crashes related to being out of memory
  • Fixed a bug with removing the Gifter's Name on gift-wrapped items
  • Fixed paint cans from the stocking stuffer being always tradeable
  • Fixed an issue with knives not animating correctly
  • Fixed a bug related to the Loose Cannon and bots in Mann vs. Machine mode
  • Fixed Engineer's Wrangler contract updating points for players other than the Engineer doing the contract
  • Fixed a bug where the Sapper preview would disable buildings when removed
  • Fixed a bug with Sentry Guns being disabled for 5 seconds instead of the desired 0.5 seconds after a Sapper is removed
  • Fixed an issue with The Concheror regen not being 4 health per second as intended
  • Fixed the Half-Zatoichi giving more overheal then intended. Max overheal is 1.5x base health.
  • Added the EdgeGamers UltiDuo Participant 2015 tournament medal
  • Added an option to the Adv. Options menu to disable teammate glow effects after respawn
  • Updated the equip_region for the Chicago Overcoat
  • Updated the models/materials for The Chill Chullo

Notes missed from the previous update:

  • Huntsman
    • Can be fired while off the ground
  • Updated pass_pinewood
    • Fixed lighting/shadow issues
    • Increased size of water tower goals
Undocumented changes
  • Updated the backpack icon for the Chill Chullo.

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