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Fire Emblem Fates

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Welp, finally finished Conquest with all relationship convos unlocked. This took much longer than Birthright did with the lack of grinding options. In Birthright, it took me 54 hours to get all convos; in Conquest it took me 86 -- 32 MORE HOURS. Clear time is 102 hours.


My opinions for this game is mostly the same as with Birthright, except everything is BETTER. Here's a few notes on the key differences I noticed between this and Birthright, both good and bad (SOME CONQUEST SPOILERS AHEAD):


+Conquest's story is leagues better than Birthright's; siblings are active throughout the story and the plot is awesomely depressing throughout

+level design is even better than in Birthright, with various objectives throughout the 27-level campaign that really tests your skill

+final boss is unique, I certainly didn't expect that, and the cutscenes that led to it feel less cliche than they do in Birthright

-the final level was designed by Satan

-Conquest's story focuses less on Azura; while her convos are infinitely better here, there's less of her throughout the story and even her ending is more ambiguous

-I wish the dialogue slightly changes at the end; I married Leo to Azura, and you think he'd react more knowing his wife is FUCKING GONE

+Conquest's siblings are more interesting; their conversations between each other are some of the best in the game and tell you some heartbreaking shit

+Nohr's army is more well-rounded, from total-defensive units to mobile spellcasters to aerial attackers; many units use horses, which helps in mobility

-not as many healers; Nohr Noble isn't as useful as Hoshido Noble and doesn't look as good

+Charlotte has a 91% chance to crit and it's freaking delicious

-I like Peri, but is no one seriously going to acknowledge her severe mental disorder and incredible amount of unwarranted murder? This is why I paired her with Laslow

+some of these child S-rank conversations... UGH, SO FUCKING ADORABLE AS FUCK

-this is not RNG; these percentages are outright BULLSHIT

-Kana has no good S-ranks for Conquest

-Nina, you're fucking weird

-Soleil, there's being omnisexual and then there's you hitting on your own mother; don't be creepy

-Selena is a great character unless she marries you; do not marry Selena

-grinding conversations is even more of a bitch

+anything that comes out of Odin's mouth


-Camilla's gag boobs aren't funny; also, if Birthright's intro of her is any indication, she has no ass



Overall, definitely enjoyed it more than Birthright, but now it's time to move on to Revelations before the last piece of the DLC comes out.

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Toward the end of my first playthrough, Camilla and Beruka had higher chances to crit than hit. Haha. They must've been the ones doing 90% of my kills toward the end.


Now I'm at the end of a MU+Niles only run. They're both snipers. And fuuuuuck that last mission. I can get them both up to the boss but I can't do enough damage fast enough. Oh well. I'm surprised I made it that far. Didn't have a problem with it on my first run.


Also, Soleil is adorable. I wish there were more choices in the game; 10 times out of 10 I'd choose to let my female avatar fall for her silly flirting.

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Final part of the Heirs of Fate DLC is out today. Haven't played any of them yet since I'm still trying to finish Revelations, but



I've heard the song. Matthew Mercer (VA for Shigure, and incidentally Chrom from Awakening) did a fantastic job of the English version of 'Lost in Thought All Alone'.




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Finished the heirs of fates.  In terms of story and the conflicts, it's ok but I'm in the minority of meh.


Just be aware to have everyone survive in the battle.

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Finally finished Revelations after grinding the last bit of relationships to max. Over 100 hours is a bit longer than I expected after having maxed all the relationships from the other two paths, but still shorter than maxing it out in Conquest because Conquest is evil.


Here's some of my pros/cons observations about Revelations:

+new levels are cool, especially the one with the red and blue floors that change enemy classes

+the first few levels are fun because you had very few units and it was a very tense situation

-having all of the units is a pain in the ass, since I want to level them all up

+all the new cross-game conversations is interesting, and the cross-nation relationships are good too

*I imagine Odin and his daughter Ophelia get into some really weird roleplay sex when you've each S-ranked them

*Sophie's thong is seriously distracting, I mean she's a mounted unit what the hell

+while I think Saizo-Beruka is the OTP support, Saizo-Charlotte is the funniest goddamn thing ever written

+the special conversations between Selena and Caeldori is really on-point, I'm glad I did it

*the final boss is worthy of final boss material; I mean Dragon Skin and TWO forms, one-hit kills most of my units, goddamn

-marrying Azura didn't really change the ending or any dialogue, which is lame as hell

-Azura's ending in Revelations, despite not being shown dying, is still pretty vague

-why is the ONE path where Gunter is important the path where you can't convo with him? What the hell

+Omega Yato is a flaming super chainsaw sword and it's fucking awesome

-the ending just kind of... ended

-I really hate how your character's fate at the ending credits shows up randomly in the middle of all your other units instead of at the very end like Awakening; it loses impact that way


I gave Azura aptitude right from the start, then gave her Aegis and Pavis, and a bunch of other things that made her the best and deadliest waifu ever. She, Anna, and Odin are the only reason my unit beat the final boss -- especially since I accidentally gave myself a handicap at the end where I only had Anna as a healer.


Going to do the Heirs of Fate DLC as soon as I can.

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