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Round End Song Suggestions

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Princess's Secret Slide/Rainbow Road from Super Mario 64.




How long does humiliation last again? I could edit it if there's no good place to start fading it out.


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Highly entertaining song and video (and yes, the slightly scratchy sound isn't from bad quality, it's just the way it sounds). And yeah, it's weird, but this is Nom--we *are* weird.


Unfortunately I can't think of any single section around 30 seconds or so that would work without trying to tie two sections together by hand. The beginning around 0:44 would probably work best.

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sounds good mashed with soulja boy too...


Good Eats! :)


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Why hasn't this been suggested before?


It's the definition of victory


?No songs that imply a sense of "haha you lose" will be considered. That includes things like "Another One Bites the Dust," etc...


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It's really a judgment call whether some songs do or not.

That one in particular though, has some prominent lyrics that put down the losing side.

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Spanish flea

Funny, I randomly thought of that not too long ago but completely forgot about it by the time I got back to my desk.

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