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TF2 Update: Jungle Inferno

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Time to dust the forum off for old time's sake.


Update page.






Confirmed content:

  • New maps:
  • New taunts.
  • New campaign:
    • 36 unique contracts.  No more waiting for new contracts every day.
    • Contracts are unlocked in a "tree" system, and rewards are visible.
    • Friends' actions in your party / server count towards your contracts.
    • Rewards include blood money (redeemable campaign credits) and war paints.
  • War paints:  Replacement for weapon skins.  All campaign weapon drops and cases will be for paints instead.  Includes Unusual and Stat Tracking variants.  Old skins make a comeback as paints, as well.
    • You can redeem war paints for weapons you don't even own (pictured in the Day 2 update page).  Stock weapons are not available for redemption.
  • Two new cosmetic cases.
  • Pyro gets new weapons:
    • The Dragon's Fury:  Single-shot flamethrower.  Consecutive hits reduce reload time and deal bonus damage.
    • The Thermal Thruster:  Jetpack that fires a short-duration blast.  Deals 3x falling damage a-la Mantreads.
    • The Gas Passer:  Secondary gas canister that creates a flammable gas cloud that coats enemies, igniting into afterburn when enemies take damage (including Pyros).
    • The Hot Hand:  Glove that lets you gain a speed boost when hitting an enemy.  Slaps are announced in the kill feed.
  • Heavy gets a prize for losing:
    • The Second Banana:  A banana (consumable secondary) that replenishes half as much health as the Sandvich does, but also regenerates twice as fast.
  • All these new weapons will have to be earned by completing six non-Campaign contracts to claim the new Pyro weapons, plus one contract for the Second Banana.  These non-Campaign contracts are available without a purchase of the campaign pass.

Speculated, "Valve hasn't definitively confirmed any of the following" content:

  • Saxton Hale voice lines.  Possibly an official model packed into the game.
  • Scream Fortress is quickly approaching, so we may be getting Halloween content only as an extra this year (similar to the Mecha Update superseding Australian Christmas).



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Of course it's going to go live when I have fucking class! Argh!


But seriously, jetpack pyro. Oh man. I'm already a pretty mobile pyro, this is gonna be fun.


I'm also pretty pleased they got Saxton Hale's voice right. I was afraid they'd go too silly on it.

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Yeah, I would've just dipped out of mine if it landed tomorrow, huzzah evening classes.

Instead, I'm just going to miss out on seeing that Japan / US robot fight live.


It's kind of jarring to hear Hale with a different voice after the unofficial VSH voiceovers, but it's not bad.


I hope there's some community server stuff in the update so the server owners can enjoy the update too.

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What about the heavy vs pyro update...


That was part of Meet Your Match; Pyro won.

The Jungle Inferno update will include the new Pyro content in one of the later days.

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Looks like they brought back "achievement-only" unlock items in the form of contracts for the new Pyro and Heavy weapons.

What the fuck, Valve?  Didn't have enough reasons to pull players from community servers already?


I'm really tempted to work on a "free item server" plugin to let community servers use all the unique weapons without having to lose players to Valve servers.  I hope they just forgot to mention that you'll be able to craft them or get them through drops, because otherwise this system is absolute horseshit.

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If you can't get into a server but wanna try out the new stuff anyway, the jetpack and new flamethrower work if you equip them in Itemtest. F7 brings up the menu, for those that aren't aware. Unfortunately, Itemtest has a low ceiling, but it's enough to give an idea of how the jetpack works.

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Scream Fortress is also live.


No new content other than untradeable Halloween cosmetics, which are now behind contracts.

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If you missed the official Jungle Inferno campaign run, you can now buy the pass at a discount and do the campaign contracts at your leisure (whereas you couldn't with previous campaigns).  Existing campaign pass holders can also complete their contracts late.

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