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I've tried to find the picture of this without the text, but even reverse image search usually came up with nil apart from this version. Ah well.... Thanks Pika! And fuck you. >:^(


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You remember this thread?  I sure don't.


To give those spare ports on my video card some use and to match my current, shitty 1280x1024 monitor, I got a second, equally shitty 1280x1024 monitor for less than $8 last week; pretty neat.  And it actually has the same screen size, just different bezels.


New desktop:




(Not visible:  The dark smudge that is a defect in the new left monitor and the scratch that isn't visible in normal use.)


And an image of it in full productivity mode.  Left screen uses ZBar for the taskbar, since Windows 7 doesn't extend taskbars and I'm cheap as fuck (and not ready for 10 yet).

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