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TF2 pics/comics/screenshots

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I'm thinking the Spy Achievement release may see more Spies disguising as their own class to fool spies into a monkey knife fight.

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I went digging through my screenshots folder, and figured it was time to share. Hopefully some will get a kick out of these.

If anyone else wants to do that, by all means attach files, I don't care. If I later have a problem with bandwidth, I can always delete files.



Scoreboard showing us all having Muffins inspired names.




Unnecessary zoom!!




Yeah I may be dead, but I know what's gonna happen in 5 seconds.




Totally not!




Heavy gets grenaded high into the air as I get freezecam.




You go first!








This was opening day of medic achievements, illustrating the folly of requiring unlocking of achievements to get the new weapons.




These next 4 are from the achievement server


Some dispenser art.




Doing infernal medicine while taunting is just so rad.





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Let me know if I'm posting too many pictures. I realize this is probably excessive.


Gold Rush fun.




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really sweet sentry location...ya it would be hard to maintain tho but the initial killing spree...forget about it! :D

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Yeah, unless they're noobs, one uber and its over.

And.. excessive? Maybe a little. If they were more fun to watch then its ok, but most of them youre just standing in a spot, we need some action, comedy and drama!

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Posted Image


i think this photo requires no explaination...i just wonder why this hasn't been fixed in the last steam update...

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