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William Dogood

The Universal Picture Thread!

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This was for a contest on a site requesting concept art for new web comic. Just thought I would share it because i'm very proud of it.


Posted Image


A little about it.

Done completely in photoshop, even the sketch which took 5 layers alone. Total time from start to finish about 20 hours, over 45 layers done in Adobe CS2 with a Havon Tablet 7"x 9". She's a bat whose main weapon are her gloves that can collect sound waves and throw them back. Her name is Echo.


This seemed like the most appropriate thread for it...

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I think i've come a LONG way since I first got my tablet from vipervicious...remember the TF2 rats I made like a million years ago?


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I was driving into work today and pulled up behind this at a red light. So I snapped this with my cell phone.

Its more disgusting than funny, and I just had to share. I blacked out the license plate number, since this is the internet.





As much as I had hoped this person was just being creative, a quick google turned up that this isnt at all new, and there are many places to buy them.

It sure woke me up on my drive, and got a big WTF outta me. :)

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