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I remember when this came out, 1998, big summer hit.

Good memories of being taken to garden parties/various outings and meeting my friends there while all our parents got drunk and had this album blaring out of their speakers.

Heard my dad playing it recently and told him "I remember that! Everyone used to play it!" and we had a good nostalgia-laugh.

Having fairly youthful parents in the 90s was sweet. (they would've been in their early-mid 20s then)

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Currently listening to: Talking Heads - Memories Can't Wait.


But it isn't on youtube, so here's the previous track on the album (Fear of Music) instead.




Big Talking Heads fan, me.




I grew up listening to the Little Creatures album in my mom's car on a heckavlot of the time, and we always played it all the way through on a roadtrip at least once.


Question for you Mr. Caustic. What do you feel about No Talking Just Head?




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