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Study Abroad To South Korea

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alright. so i just payed my tuition and settled everything for my travel abroad studies in Seoul, South Korea. going there to learn korean and international relations from a foreign perspective, i'm going there to understand more about my culture and to find new experiences. as a new starcraft player and an avid gamer, South Korea would seem like a great place to go to find friends and have fun.


Although all is not well there. with the tension between north and south korea and the threat of war, my trip might be canceled or cut short based on every action between now and early august. the university i am staying at is pretty close to the border and in range of artillery from the other side of the border. if war does break out, i would be one of the first ones to find out and hopefully not become a casualty of war. my dad lives in south korea so i might be able to get out in time if war does break out or wait it out further south in the country but waiting out might be a very bad decision.


other than the more serious stuff, everyone knows South Korea is a hardcore gaming country especially in the realms of starcraft. if war doesn't break out (which i hope it doesn't), i might end up losing something else there. during when fifa was hosted in south korea, every korean was expected to have 100% national pride and what not and it was ok for a while. as time went on, it started to bug me how wrapped up everyone got into it and how everything else in life seemed pointless at the time. after that fifa, i hated soccer with passion and show 0 interest in it and prob never will again.

as my hatred for soccer was created by fifa, it feels like i might lose my passion for gaming there because the country is so wrapped up in the gaming culture. i want to go to korea to study and make friends but it might end up with me in pc bangs all day or out drinking and doing some other gaming shit.

it seems that a lot of things in korea are revolved around gaming and it might bother me to the point where i might not want to game again.


i plan on trying to stay away from games in korea as much as possible but that doesn't seem possible. if i do end up playing games there, would i lose my passion and never be the same again?


i just forgot my main point but can i get some suggestions, opinions, comments, questions about the trip. i plan on bringing pics back and maybe will become a fob when im done

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I dunno, probably if you end up getting steam rolled time and time again against the more experienced dudes then you'd probably be dishearted to play SC2. But hey TF2 is still there, you can join us and feel what its like to have 200 ping on the nom server. :lol:


If war does break out and you're not a citizen you're gonna get deported one way or another right? Because non-korean casualties might be a cause for retalition, right?

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No iMan, being a US citizen will not get you preferential evacuation in case of war. That only works if you have diplomatic ties or VIP status. Otherwise, the US Army stationed there will just treat you as any other Korean.


azn, I lived there for 3 years at a much younger age and a much earlier era. For me personally, the experience changed me for life, for better and worse. As an adult, you won't get beaten by your teachers for no apparent reason. Know this though, the schooling system there is much like a robot factory. Non-conformity will put you under much scrutiny (curious interest at first, then annoying clashes later).


They will have expectations of your behavior because you look Korean in general, but as soon as you try to interact, they will treat you differently. Some people love western culture, and will hold you to their versions of stereotypes, and may get disappointed if you turn out to be different. Some people are highly xenophobic and will hate you absolutely for being different. Some people will treat your language skills as a form of retardation and take advantage of it.


Don't go in expecting to be able to bond over video gaming instantly. Like any relationship, you need to get out and about first and find people you can get along with. Do stuff together. Gaming comes later, and it will be the same.

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