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Kajetokun Suspended From Youtube!

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For those of you who don't know who Kajeto-kun was, if you remember the big "OVER 9000" video on Youtube that got about 10 million hits due to its internet meme success, recently Mr.Kajeto had his account suspended from youtube, this makes me a sad panda.


Two of his videos were re-uploaded again in 2008 and the Admins on the site haven't found these yet.


Over 9000;





Why the hell not? Full song


Gotcha Bitch! (remix to Guile's theme)



Pity I couldn't find more of his videos in one way or another, dunno whats gonna happen to Kajeto but, he made me laugh harder than I ever had some times. ;_;

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His videos were too awesome for the general public, and thus had to be taken down due to several reports of awesome overdoses.


I blame the 4kids impersonators that banned littlekuriboh

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