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Extra-Life Donations:


Twitch Channel:


Youtube Channel:


I have decided that I want to volunteer in this program to help BC Children's hospital by playing video games.  I will be making announcements for livestreams on my twitter, tumblr and facebook notifying of me playing.  All I ask is for your time to watch me play my favourite games and make a donation to my local hospital.  I will be sending out notifications on the days, I announce my livestreams or upload any videos on my youtube channel as I try to make a world of difference.


I will be planning to play splatoon this Saturday at around 1pm PST and livestreaming it and ask if any of you can participate with me playing splatoon with me but also encourage others to donate to my local hospital.


It's something I want to try and make a difference in the community and it would be great if you can spread the word.

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Splatoon Livestream Gameplay this Saturday!


To Donate:


Watch me:


Join me in playing Splatoon on twitch @1:00pm PST on Saturday June 4, 2015.


If you also have splatoon you can add me on my Wii U ID: kingddd17 to join me on the stream and I will be playing Splatoon for approximately 2 hours. I will be covering the world of Inkopolis and a bit of the gameplay explanation. All I ask if you have to time to also donate to BC Children’s hospital and watch me win or get rekt by people online in Turf Wars to support the children who need all the help they can get.

I will be adding any people beforehand so send out your invites beforehand.


Please spread the word and notify your friends!

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