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What Is The Coolest Thing You've Bought Recently?

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Picked up a vintage Hungarian keyboard for $4 at a local thrift store.

It's no mechanical, but it feels pretty quiet.  Will have to try it out sometime.


ISO layout though, bleh

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Got two of my three orders in the mail two days ago, and while all the hubbub going on I forgot to take pictures.


First off, since I was a little late on it, I finally gave in and ordered Steins;Gate's HOUOUIN KYOUMA off the web. Got Kurisu Kristina long before already, and now I can finally have these two together.


He comes with a few nice accessories like his TV-remote/toy-gun, his Reading-Steiner cellphone, and a special hand to hold your Kurisu figurine. EL PSY CONGROO!



Aside from that, something I have wanted for a long long long LONG time, and what is probably now one of the greatest things in my collection. I got the TruForce Collectibles Mega Man X, which is one orgasm-inducingly fantastic figure.


As you can see, the box alone is already pretty goddamn fantastic, but the figure itself... HNNNNNGGGGHHH, I can stare at it all day. AND I DID. A LOT. The box opens up to show the key features, a message from the designer, and the figure comes with a lot of extra parts like two energy shot types, multiple hands, alternate faces, and a stand. The cannon even glows!


It's made from diecast metal, so it's got a good hefty weight to it that makes it a little heavy on the stand. But it's completely worth it for the solid feeling of the feature. AND OH MY GOODNESS, ALL THE MECHANICAL DETAIL. I can stare at the details on these legs all day! They even added these cool boosters in the back -- and all diecast!


I apologize if it sounds like I'm seriously creaming myself owning this figure (because I am), but I've wanted this figure for the longest time. Always been a huge Mega Man series fan, and this figurine is one of the top standards.

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Got some Sugru to keep this microphone from flopping over all the time, as well as to replace the broken plastic portion of the circle pad on a friend's 3DS.

The stuff works surprisingly well; shame it's kind of pricey.

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Finally dropped in the mail today. Now my series nerd cred has boosted to infinite levels.


Just a bit disappointed a lot of this lore isn't explained in the main game. Would've made a lot of the minor stuff more exciting as a result had they been told as detailed.

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Got these 2 IKEA glass cases (were a Christmas gift actually, but I was planning to buy them myself until they found out and bought it for me first) and will be buying 2 more with some lights. Once I've completed all 4 I can finally have something to put my figures in, which will be a pretty big undertaking.


For now though, I've built the 2 and put two figures in. Once I go through the four boxes of figures (kind of shown in the corner), I'll be able to fill it. Will probably take pictures of that once it's done.

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Remember my post from 10 months ago about getting that laser printer?  It's 16 posts ago.


Ended up thrifting this sucker for $8 at the local Salvation Army (originally $16, but got it on a 50% off sale day).




Came with firmware 1014, which didn't have IPP support.


After some minor hassle getting the printer drivers set up and upgrading the firmware (which there's no way to get an official download source of, fuck you, Linksys), it prints.


Unfortunately, still having trouble getting it nevermind printer works wirelessly now, took a while for it to show up




complete wireless laser printer setup for $23


aww yiss

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