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L> Vampire Kirby Desires Vintage Weapons!

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With the update I've had this desire to fill as many gaps in my inventory as I can with Vintage weapons, including some gaps on my alt (have about half of the weapons on that)


Obviously Vintage Items have value, so I'm proposing trading one Vintage Item for another. Every item listed is in no particular order, feel free to offer what you're willing to trade (that I don't have, of course) for any that I have. I don't care about levels.


I have:

Vintage Scottish Resistance - Accidentally crafted because I'm retarded.

Vintage Eyelander - Traded with Save4Less

Vintage Sandman - Traded with Otterwolfy

Vintage Backburner

Vintage Equalizer

Vintage Jarate

Vintage Dalokohs Bar

Vintage Sandvich

Vintage Homewrecker

Vintage Gunboats


Looking for any of the following:

Vintage Gunslinger - Traded with Save4Less

Vintage Flaregun - Traded with Otterwolfy

Vintage Chargin' Targe - Traded with Metal Alex

Vintage Cloak and Dagger - Traded with Metal Alex

Vintage Dead Ringer - Traded with Metal Alex

Vintage Scotsman's Skullcutter

Vintage Frontier Justice

Vintage Razorback

Vintage Bonk!

Vintage Ambassador

Vintage Wrangler

Vintage Huntsman

Vintage Crit-A-Cola



1:1 Weapon trade

No, I am not trading Hats for Vintage Weapons


Note: I will accept dupe Vintage Weapons but I'd honestly prefer ones on the list above.


In the meantime, how is everyone? I'm not too fond with some of the prices in the Store and the fact that Europeans get shafted again but that's a whole other topic.

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Done and done!


Friend-add me for a trade because I probably won't be on nom at the same time as you.

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Update: Traded Eyelander for Gunslinger, added Gunboats to Offering list.


Anyone else? Tried to contact jello about trade.

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Update; added weapons I have and weapons I'd like.


I'm open to non-Vintage items of my own for Vintage items that you own (say, my Paint for 2 x V. Whatever) but no hats, please.

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